Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Soul's Last Chapter

Disclaimer: Philosophical post follows. Don't mind my innocent babblings.

Do you ever wonder where you might have ended up if you'd chosen a different path?

I am a firm believer that fate works much like the way one of those old "choose your own path" novels works. "Turn to page 25 if you want Joey the Discoverer to turn left at the cave." I recently went to my first "real" country concert, Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Sugarland, and Kenny Chesney. Then the very next weekend I went to my mom's new hobby of camping at a campground in Dillsboro, IN. This coupled with the fact of all the people from the past who are getting into the whole social networking thing of Facebook, Myspace and Twitter just makes me look up at the sky and wonder..."How in the world did I get to Columbus, OH?" I often feel like a completely same but different person that I used to be. I guess that is the way it's supposed to work though. What if I would have stayed at Pitt, would I still have met my husband? What would I be like if I had been less shy all of those times that I wanted to say something but didn't? I wonder if we ever get to see what would've happened if we'd have made a left instead of a right that one time.

I hope there is. The soul's last chapter.

I read somewhere once that one philosophy of religion that includes reincarnation is that you start out as a baby soul with no experiences and no lessons learned. As you live each life you learn certain lessons and eventually, perhaps when you are an "old soul," you have learned all the lessons there are to learn. You've been the theif and been stolen from, it's then that you're life has less challenges and the closer you are to that last chapter. In my life so far, I haven't had that many challenges to face. I wonder how many lifetimes I might have left according to this idea.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see.