Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Blog Revival

The honest truth. My life is pretty boring, why share it with the world? I just can't stay away from the blog though. Hopefully I have like one reader left. Driving home from work today I was keeping pace with a Mustang Cobra. We were both going above the speed limit and there were both people tailgaiting us. It is some unwritten law that you DO NOT ride the ass of a Mustang, and you especially DO NOT ride the ass of a Mustang Cobra. The guy flipped me off to boot. How do I get flipped off for speeding?!? I will never understand drivers on 315. They don't make any sense.

I read an article the other day that says that Columbus is the most expensive real estate market in Ohio. There's hope for finding a nice house for under $200,000. Where do these people work that they can afford mortgages of a bazillion dollars a month?!