Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Throw away your canteloupes.

Tuesday, so it's pretty boring so far today. No exciting stories from class last night, no exciting stories from the drive into work. Let's take a look at the morning news, shall we?

The first headline that caught my eye, Members of Russian Cult Trickle Out of Cave. Ok, so if your buried in a cave, waiting for the end of the world, and your cave collapses, isn't that the end of the world? For you, at least? Hmm..

This guy has just got the right idea. I don't get these people at all. How could you watch your child in pain and not try and take action to stop it? If you believe in all the religious junk, the parents are the vehicle God has sent to care for his children on this earth. I don't think his intent was to have just prayer as enough to cure them so they can live out their lives according to his plan. If it was, why would he have created antibiotics and such? Or are antibiotics the devil's evil plan?

Better toss out your Hondouran Canteloupes. There is a joke here somewhere.

Even the news is not very exciting this morning.

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