Monday, August 02, 2010


This is one of our two cats, Izzy.  He's will be 4 years old at Christmas time.  Shawn and I picked him out as Shawn's Christmas present in 2006.  That year he spent most of his kittyhood half way up the Christmas tree and would stare out at you from in between branches and ornaments.  He's part mainecoon and so he's huge now, but he also eats alot so he's just plain fat.  When we first got him, I had a cat, Oreo, and he used to torment her by chasing her around the house.  She had irritable bowel syndrome and we had to put her to sleep last year.  Izzy now lives on the dining room table, hutch (where his food is), and my dresser because if the dog sees him move from those three spots, she will herd him back to the table.  I think this is why he looks grumpy.  He sleeps at the foot of my side of the bed every night.  He also likes to burrow into my neck and has done this ever since we brought him home as a 6-7 week old kitten.  He is a good cat and likes to be near us even though he isn't necessairly a lap cat.  I think that he is one of those cats that will live to be 20+ years old.

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