Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Whole30 Week 1 check-in

Well, I have successfully made it to Day 7 without killing anyone. I did have one fight with the husband but that probably would've happened whether I was in the "KILL ALL THE THINGS" stage of the Whole30 or not. So far, it has been rather easy, and I think that social situations are going to be the hardest thing to resist temptation during. I have done well at sticking to my meal plan and having plenty of food available that I can eat. I have noticed that my snacking is much less and that I definitely am less "hungry all the time".

While, I am not having trouble sticking to it, I do find I have random cravings for random things at random times and then I go through the many stages of grief that I can't have them.

I just keep thinking about how good I will feel when I complete 30 days. :)

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