Friday, October 17, 2008

27. Get the rest of stuff out of my dad's house.

Sadly, my grandmother passed away on October 13, 2008 so I had to go home this week for the funeral.

The service was nice, and I had a good time spending quality time with my family which rarely happens, so I guess we made the most of the bad circumstances for the visit.

I stayed a little extra on Thursday to clean out the closet in my bedroom at my Dad's house. I ended up coming home with a carload of crap that still needs to be unpacked and put away.

The good news is I can cross number 27 off of my list, but the bad news is, it's going to put me behind a little on number 1 because I'm going to have to stick all of the stuff in a closet until I have time to deal with what I want to do with it.

It was kind of depressing to find a dress that I used to wear in high school and find that there is no way in hell it would ever fit me now. It was SO tiny! I thought I was FAT, so incredibly FAT then! I'm only about 35 lbs heavier now, but geez, it's crazy to think about it. Perhaps it will motivate me for number 72. Get in shape.

I also asked my cousins to come out and finish the garage for me and we will party for a weekend, and they seemed like it was a possibility, so I might be well on my way to crossing off number 28.

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