Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An Informative Letter to the Freshman

Dear Freshman at OSU,

Due to the fact that I (for many reasons) am back taking gen chem and calculus again with you this autumn quarter, like I have with so many freshman before, there are a few things I that I would like to let you know.

1. No matter how smart you were in high school and how sky high your soaring honors/AP GPA was, you are more than likely not going to do as well as you thought you would your freshman year. Please do not let this affect your state of mind. Keep going.

2. Please be mindful of people driving on campus. With your soaring GPA you should be able to figure out that although pedestrians have the right-of-way, cars WILL hit you. Especially people driving cars that are stuck taking Gen Chem and Calculus with you. They have places to get to too.

3. Sweatpants/running pants and those robin hood looking boots DO NOT look good together. Get yourself some Nikes or Adidas.

4. Keep in mind that normal people have to spend 3.75 for their lattes and chai's. The world does not work on swipes.

5. It IS ok to skip classes once in awhile. Let other people get a good seat once in awhile.

6. Night classes exist. Please don't look at people like aliens because they have a class after 5 pm.

That is all for now, I will keep you posted of any other pertinant information that might need to be addressed.


A non-traditional student

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