Thursday, November 20, 2008

Beat Michigan!

When I first moved here to Columbus in 2005, I had little clue what Buckeye nation was about. I was soon to find out because the first job I got here was at Ohio State. I had every intention of starting classes also, because there is a great tuition benefit. Now, I am a Steeler fan, you know, having been born in Pittsburgh. So like many others, I was ignornant to the fact that people actually paid attention to college football. I mean, of course I cheered for Pitt, but I never really paid any attention to the BCS and such. I thought the NFL was the only football that anyone cared about. I tried hard to resist becoming a "poisonous nut", but I am starting to falter. School is hard enough, trying to hate it just makes it worse.

I am not kidding, when I say that here in Columbus, Buckeye nation comes close to paralleling Steeler Nation. No, they don't have cool terrible towels, or an accented announcer, but let me just tell you that these people are crazy when it comes to Buckeye football.

The culmination of all of this crazyness is the Michigan game. The Ohio State/Michigan rivalry roots deep in the hearts of the Buckeye fans. Imagine Steelers/Browns if you will. Tonight, something that I think is a cross between utterly ridiculous and proud to call myself an "almost" buckeye, the Mirror Lake Jump. Mirror Lake is the lake that resides on campus and every year traditionally all of the freshman, and probably a few others, jump into the lake. FYI it is 32 degrees here today. Tonight's forcast is for 12-15mph winds. That means a windchill. Really, are you crazy? Not to mention that the lake is filled with duck poop. A part of me honors the tradition side of it, but let me tell you that if I catch the plague from one of the freshman mirror lake jumpers, I'm going to be angry.

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