Monday, September 20, 2010

8 weeks

Today is 8 weeks preggo!  That means, in crazy pregnancy calculations, that 2 months are down, only 8 to go!  I am still not really suffering from morning sickness and for that I am greatful. I still don't feel GOOD, but it definitely could be WAY worse.  This past week I go between feeling immensely thankful, happy, and excited about this, and why in the hell did we do this again?  I'm sure those feelings will continue for the rest of the childs life right?  :)  Wednesday, school starts again.  I would be looking forward to it but, honestly, the thought of giving up my naps after work twice a week just makes me want to crawl into a hole and not come out until November.  In a few weeks I will be heading to Atlanta for a conference for work.  I hope the trip goes smoothly and I'm more looking forward to getting HOME than I am the trip.  Sad I know.  Our next doctor's appointment is a week from today, and so I'm excited about the next check up to make sure everything is ok.  I think we will probably get to see more of a "baby" this time than a tiny little blob. 

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