Monday, July 17, 2006

Debating the Issues.

I think that if you are a somewhat intelligent person, and you follow the news, and you have it in your character to have opinions about topics that concern us humans, then you have an opinion about a particular issue that really hits home for you, one that you're passionate about, at least in the debate setting, be it with friends or family only. For me that is...research, in this particular rant, embryonic stem cell research.

Although I have no excuse to bitch about it, because I cast my republican vote in the last two presidential elections (don't hate people, I obviously was misled and not thinking clearly) our dear dear el presidente, Bush-o is set to vito a stem cell research funding bill. If you remember correctly when he first came into office, he passed a bill that only the 78 stem cell lines currently in use, could be and stay in use. Well...that turned out to be even less, because through trial and error, some ding dong figure out that if you feed the stem cells with mouse proteins, they will turn into MOUSE cells, but anyways, now the debate is risen again and we have the age old question, is it a life or isn't it?

I don't think that the people arguing in this debate are really seeing the true issue here. As the Rock used to say, "IT DOESN'T MATTER"...whether or not it's a life or not. If using that embryo that was going to be destroyed by discarding it ANYWAYS, what is the difference if we use it to CURE diseases. Those cells can be used to fix a lot of stuff. Imagine people being able to live without diabetes and other diseases even worse. I don't even know what all they can fix, but it's a lot of stuff and it's ridiculous to me to have the answer sitting there in front of you and not look at it. I don't think people should "breed" embryonic stem cells, but if they're sitting there gathering petri dish dust, why the fuck not put them to good use? I don't think God would give us the tools to cure and fight disease if he didn't want us to use them. Why should anyone have the right to say what we can and can't do? If using embryonic stem cells for research is wrong, then why is it the politicians business to say whether it's right or not, if it's wrong then the people performing the research will be punished. What if it is wrong, but those researchers save even one life, isn't that the work of god? Saving lives, helping people, caring about fellow man? Guess that's just what I believe.

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