Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I am afraid of a lot of things, but lately, on the forefront of my mind has been.. TORNADO. I am dealthy afraid of tornados. I never used to have to worry about them, because in Pittsburgh there are so many hills that if one does strike, it's usually not that bad and is limited because of the hilly terrain of the region. There have been a few bad tornados, but for the most part, snow is more of a concern in good ole western PA. In the smack dab middle of Ohio, NOT THE CASE. It is freakin flat here people. I mean, I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles, and well not that many miles, but seriously it's flat. I live nestled close to one of the few hills in the area to make me feel more at home. However, this doesn't lessen the tornado fear. I am afraid of many things associated with tornados, like: what if I am sleeping and don't make it to the basement? What if the cat runs away from me and i can't catch her on the way to the basement? What if I am in my car? What if Shawn is not home and his car is swept away? What if my car is swept away? What if the tornado comes crashing straight through our house? I'm psycho about this stuff, for real yo. I must have been hit by a twister in a past life or something.

Of course, the local weather does not help, broadcasting the radar continuously and calling county and town officials to make sure that nothing has yet happened. A few tornado warnings ago we were at Outback eating, and they had the continuous radar channel on and some guy at the bar went over to it and turned it off. I commented to Shawn that if the tornado struck us and everyone lay dying that i was helping that man LAST.

Hopefully, I can make it through the summer without being blown around like the cow in Twister and if severe weather does strike I'll be tuned in to the local channels just like they want me to be, paranoid as all hell.

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