Friday, March 21, 2008

Another Spring Break over.

Good Morning! TGIF, right? Although I am glad it's Friday, I'm shedding a little tear because it is the end of Spring Break. I have immensly enjoyed Spring Break this year. Was I down in South Beach partying it up with all of the trampy ho's? No. Was I away in South America helping poor people build their houses? No. What was I doing you ask? I was...going home after work. The excitement! It was so nice to know that I didn't have to remain on campus for 12+ hours two days a week. Next Monday, I start, "dum math" as apposed to "dum dum math" which was last quarter, and the second half of European history. I officially just have a language and a lit gen ed to finish and then I will be all done with my gen eds. It only took 9 years. :) I would never have imagined that I'd be in college for this long, maybe it's keeping me youthful. I can't NOT go though when it is free.

Yesterday was the 100 day mark until the wedding. Ugh. I have never had so much excitement and dread for one day in my entire life. I got my hair done yesterday, to celebrate the occassion, and I love it. I will have to give up my first born to pay for it but I guess it's worth getting it done every now and then.

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