Thursday, January 05, 2012

Meal Plan for week of 1/9/12

All week for the most part for breakfast is Egg Muffins, lunches will be either leftovers or salads or a combination of both. I found this week that I had a lot of extra food and I mainly like hot lunches.

So here's the Dinner Menu:
I should note Monday/Thursday are Shawn's bowling nights, so usually these meals need to be make ahead, crockpot, or extremely fast because Elie doesn't usually let me cook for very long and she's mobile now! Holy heck!

Monday: Gyro Salads. Yum.
Tuesday: Chicken and artichoke with garlic sauce (from the Mark Sisson's book) with zucchini noodles
Wednesday: Arroz con Pollo (same book)
Thursday:  Hot plate (I was not enthused with the hot plate I made this week, but it turned out GOOD. I made beef with tomatoes, bell peppers, and pizza seasonings over green beans.)
Friday: Meatza (from Well Fed)
Saturday: Unstuffed cabbage (MS)
Sunday: Breakfast: Paleo Biscuits and Gravy from Paleo Comfort Foods and shop!

Nothing Asian! Sounds delicious!

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