Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Mid Week Update

Just wanted to stop by and write something and give an update on how things were going since going paleo/primal. I'm going to use paleo for sake of terminology I think, but I am eating a slight amount of dairy and I do consume butter. I may eventually switch to ghee and elimnate dairy but baby steps on that one. In reviewing my meal plan for the week, I noticed that almost every single dinner meal is Asian inspired! Shawn said that it is probably because Asian food is easy to make, yet flavorful. Maybe next week we will go Mexican. So far, I've stuck to my meal plan, the only exception being the chicken fajita salad. We had salad with chicken on it, but I would necessairly call it a fajita. Then again, maybe Mexican is out. :) I am struggling with the salad dressing though. I am a ranch girl, and so far haven't found a substitute. I'm meh about vinagrettes. Perhaps I just haven't found the right one yet. I should just make my own caesar. That I do like.

As far as mood/how my body feels, I'm doing surprisingly better than I thought I would be. I haven't had any "real" cravings and I am not suffering from the dreaded carb withdrawl flu like symptoms. I started my class this quarter that is a 15 each way brisk walk for me twice a week, so that will at least get me some exercise until I can get a handle on the meal planning/cooking/sticking to this. I will then try to implement more regular exercise. I feel this is just one of those instances where I have to do one thing at a time.

The only problem I've really encountered was Shawn complaining about the cost. I think that if we added up what we were spending on food/eating out before, he would see we're actually saving money. Hopefully progress will prove him wrong, although he isn't totally on the bandwagon of this whole thing yet. He eats what I cook, but still is having some meals outside the house and some snacks in the house. At least sweets are my downfall and salty are his, because he can still have them in the house and I dont' ever want them.

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