Thursday, January 05, 2012

Product Review: Cuisinart Food Processor

I have a long, horrid history with food processors. It all began with a mini chopper I got as a gift from my mother. The mini chopper and I got along just fine and I will still whip it out occassionally for a quick garlic chop or the like. The next chapter begins with a small Black and Decker one that I got as a gift. The chopping blades never quite worked properly and it had so many pieces and parts that I'm sure I lost some of it when I moved. It was white and ugly and smelled like smoke when I used it. That is when I decided I needed a new one! I researched them online a bit (apparently not enough) and decided on the Food Network model.
Exhibit A. POS

I liked this model because it had a handy drawer to keep all of the chopping blades in and it was black, which matched my kitchen. I also was able to purchase it at Kohls with a coupon so that made the price not so bad. I brought it home and took it out of the box and then promptly cut myself on the slicing wheel. I didn't lose a finger but it was a pretty deep cut that took a few weeks to heal. Strike 1. Then, the second time I ever used it the goofy handle piece that has to be locked or else it won't work (the part that is spring loaded) cracked off and so from then on to use it i had to hold the spring load down so it would turn on. I googled Food Network to see if I could order a replacement part, but apparently Food Network items sold through Kohls come from a mysterious manufacturer who doesn't do replacements or returns. Or at least that I could find without researching enough for a dissertation. Strike 2. Then one day I decided to chop some cauliflower to make cauli-rice and the bowl part got stuck on the locking mechanism and I could NOT GET IT OFF. The food processor and I had a fight that day, and I won (or lost, depending) and it ended up in the trash can, and then I once again ended up with no food processor.Strike 3, you're OUT. IN THE TRASH!

I went without one for several months. I then decided to hop on the paleo bandwagon and in my quest for the perfect paleo salad dressing, I tried to make mayonaisse in my blender. After going deaf from listening to the blender for the time it took to drip in the olive oil, my emulsion broke and I was left with divorced egg and oil. I needed a new processor. So, I went back to Google and did (more) research and decided that the Cuisinart DFP-7BC 7-Cup Food Processor was going to be my best bet.
Exhibit B: Ooooh. Ahhh.

I did end up getting it from Kohls with another coupon and I ended up getting some Kohls cash back so it was a pretty good deal. Let me tell you I LOVE it! It is a simple machine and I know it's not made as sturdy as the older models of this same type, but i think with some gentle handling it will last me just fine. There aren't too many parts, I like the way the top of the bowl comes off to insert the vegetables or whatnot for chopping and it is pretty darn quiet! And the best part? I made homemade mayo on Sunday and it is delicious! I definitley would recommend this processor and if I ever have to buy another I will buy the same model but with a bigger cup bowl!

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