Monday, June 19, 2006

The Count.

Today is the day before, dumb-dumb math begins. Yes, that's right, the day before my brain fully develops I will be embarking on a journey into the nether regions of math. Math for a 9th grader. When it comes to math, I am not the smartest book on the shelf, I'm not quite to the level of pamphlet though either. At any rate, I haven't taken a math course in approx. 5 years, well and finished with a passing grade. It was at this point, that I was faced with taking the Ohio State math placement test. No problem!

Perhaps, I should have brushed up on the algebra before clicking submit on the online test form. I placed as an R. R for RETARD. I am in the next to the lowest math course that they offer, and I bought the book for this wonderous class on Saturday. Upon leafing through it's material, I discovered that I will be learning about: the real number line, adding and subtracting fractions, and exponents. The book doesn't even mention variables until the LAST CHAPTER. Lord have mercy on my mathless soul. Oh gee, I hope I can pass THIS class. I might need to call in The Count for some assistance. One last chance, uh uh uh, two last chances, uh uh uh.

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