Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Oh What to Wear or What not to Wear, that is the question...

Shopping. Something I love to do but yet, a daunting task for me. I watch What Not to Wear and I wonder if I belong on that show. I am now in my *GULP* mid-twenties, but am I dressing like a mid 20something? I have several issues with buying clothes.
Here are a few:
I am not skinny. This limits the number of stores in which I can shop at. Interestingly enough, Cincinnati actually has a lot nicer plus size clothes than either Pittsburgh or Columbus.

Taking #1 into consideration, if I measure myself, and follow a standard sizing chart, my waist, hip, and bust measurements are 3 completely different sizes, that are not right next to each other mind you. How am I supposed to shop for pants when my waist and hips are 3 sizes different? This makes catalog/online shopping absolutely useless for me.

Fat people clothes are not cute. If I shop in the misses section I look like an old lady, and if I’m lucky enough to find a junior plus section, I look to young. The women’s section? Forget that, I swim in that stuff. The skinny stores are too small and the fat people stores are too big. I try to shop at Lane Bryant and everything just looks ridiculous. I do not have a 40DDD bust.

I tend to pick out dressier clothing when shopping. Ordinarily this would not be a problem, except that I don’t GO anywhere to wear dressier clothing. I wear scrubs or jeans/t-shirts to work (I work with poop sometimes people), and every where else I might venture is casual.

I am cheap. Well…no I don’t have much money….oh well but I’m still cheap. I can’t spend 40 on a tank top even if I have 40 to spend on a tank top. This makes shopping at the mall difficult. Am I sacrificing quality for quantity?

I bet I’d be a challenge for the What Not to Wear people. I don’t think I want to go on that show though, it wouldn’t even be them making fun of me, I don’t think 5000 is enough to replace your ENTIRE wardrobe like everything I own. Although I feel like I wear the same 3 outfits all the time, so maybe it would be. I hope I don’t completely lose it and be one of those people who still wears close from the decade that they graduated high school in. Ugh.

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