Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wow, what another short-long week. It seems to be going fast but the days drag on and seem like they last around 10 years. I've been having stomach issues this week so it's not been very fun. I wish I could get a tummy transplant. A new smaller one that works good and can eat all the pizza rolls it wants without hurting.

I got some bead and wire making supplies for my birthday from Shawn, so I've been keeping busy making lovely jewelry. I am thinking of eventually setting up an online store for it, but right now I'm just practicing. It's fun. I think I am going to become addicted to beads though. I must...have...new...beads...worse than crack I tell you.

Did you hear about those people in Missouri who were celebrating the 100th anniversary of their Elks lodge building and it collapsed on them. Perhaps they should've celebrated 50 and then built a new building. That's scary shit though, some of the OSU buidlings seem like they could come crashing down at any minute. I'll just have to wait till fall to find out if any are going to give way. I decided to take the summer off and dropped my one class I was taking. I am SO not motivated to go to school, I hope this is a passing phase, and that I haven't hit that point where I'm ready to settle with my MLT and not go any further. If I am, I guess that's just the brakes.

I'm boring these days, I know, nothing much exciting is happening around. I think sometimes that's a good thing.

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