Thursday, June 22, 2006


6-21-06: 6something am: Annoying squeak of ironing board. Fall back asleep.

6-21-06: 8 something am: Annoying bill collector call for people who used to posses our phone number or who are giving out one number off of theirs and it happens to be ours. Fall back asleep.

6-21-06: 9:30am: Another annoying bill collector call. See above. These people must owe money to every company in American and some in India. I finally decide to give up trying to sleep until at least 10 on the day of me.

6-21-06: 9:35am: Darkness. I peer through the mini blinds of my condo because I am too lazy to pick out curtains and death must be near because it looks as if the world is going to end. I hope this is not a forecast of my 25th year of life.

6-21-06: sometime in between 10-11 am: Lightening is striking outside my front door so close that it shakes the entire place. The cat awakes from her nap and looks up at me like: Quit that, I'm trying to nap, are you blind?

6-21-06 11:30 am: I decide to eat cheese fries with bacon bits for lunch because the freezer is too full and I can because it's my birthday.

6-21-06: 1:00pm: Days of Our Lives: Steve and Kayla are back and keep roaming around St Luke's church but never bumping into one another. Steve has amnesia and Kayla thinks he's dead. I love soap operas. Someone is always back from the dead with amnesia. It's great entertainment.

6-21-06: 2:00pm: Nap time. I decide to take a nap because it's gloomy and I can cause it's my birthday.

6-21-06: 4:00pm: Shawn gets home early from work. I get my gift and we decide to go to Senor Antonio's for dinner. Margarita and the world's largest chicken quesadilla. Dude at another table at Senor's pronounced it quesa-dillll a. What a tool.

6-21-06: Later in evening: DQ ice cream cake. YAY! The best stuff on earth.

There's the rundown of yesterday. Aren't you glad i didn't blog? I'm saving the partying for 4th of July weekend. I'm going to commemorate a year of sobriety (I have not been drunk since last July, yes I am pathetic) by getting so wasted. Bring on the rumplemintz baby.

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