Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sorry for the lack of updates, I was getting frustrated with blogger, and so I left it be for a week or so to see if it was only me who was bogging down their servers. heh. It must be, because I'm back and they're in action, so here we go. Steelers. Here we go, oh, uh whoops, wait, Ben is in the hospital. I'm glad that he's ok, but for cripes sake, be more careful Ben. Motorcycle drivers in general have to be more careful, because well, motorcycles have less wheels. And um, cars are bigger. It's not very difficult science. We (as in the world, and especially the world close to Pittsburgh) will be hearing about this no matter what, if Ben plays, if he doesn't, if he gets a hangnail infection, etc. On that note I'll turn to a different subject...

This day.

This day SUCKS. Like seriously people, it really freakin sucks. My last week of being 24 and it's gotta be SUCKY. I am going to drink tonight in the hopes that tomorrow will not suck quite as bad. I'm talking beer, and well as much as i can drink in 3 hours of watching Shawn bowl. A LOT OF BEER. They'll probably run out as soon as i get to the window, because that would be just my luck today. Hopefully I'll have more witty things to say tomorrow, after the beer, because after the suck of today, I can barely think at all.

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