Tuesday, May 16, 2006

1981: Part 1

In light of my quarter of a century birthday, up until my birthday in one month and 5 days I'm going to begin installments of... 1981.

Not quite as weird as 1984, but it's always fun to hear 25 years ago today, this happened.

Episode 1: Births and Deaths

Actors/Actresses/Famous People of note who were born in the same year as me: 1981

Willa Ford-singer
Beverley Mitchell-the 2nd oldest 7th heaven chic...
Elijah Wood-Frodo Baggins is as old as me?
Justin Timberlake-Rock your body!
Alisa Reyes-i dunno she sounded familiar?
Kelly Rowland-from Destiny's Child
Paris Hilton-damn I should be out partying more
Josh Groban-operaish singer
Julia Stiles-she's so cute, I wish she was my friend
Hayden Christensen-Luke is old enough to be my father? What?
Troy Polamalu-I am so not supposed to be the same age as a STEELER!
Jessica Alba-Guess those are real lips and not collagen injections. She's young!
Jamie-Lynn Sigler-I forget who this is.
Anna Kournikova-See guys, I won't look old till Anna does.
Natalie Portman-Please grow your hair back!
Beyonce Knowles-I just have nothing to say.
Johnathan Taylor Thomas-He was my favorite on Home Improvement
Nicole Richie-Definitely, I really think I should be partying more.
Serena Williams-The only thing I've ever one was a few dollars on the lottery. It's not fair.
Ivanka Trump-Well my dad's name IS Donald.
Britney Spears-Two kids ahead of me.
Amy Lee-Another cd Amy, please.

I can't decide if this makes me feel old or not. It is interesting to know that, had I lived in a different city, I could have been in school with Britney or Justin or Paris Hilton.

People who died in 1981:

Bob Marley
Natalie Wood
Bill Haley
(like and the comets)

Wow...a lot of people I've never heard of...The nobel peace prizes in medicine were won by a Roger Wolcott Sperry who did split brain research. Interesting.

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