Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Pittsburgh Vs Columbus


In Pittsburgh, you root for the Steelers, you bleed black and gold.
In Columbus, you root for whatever NFL team has a buckeye on it, you bleed scarlett
and gray.
Winner: Pittsburgh. One team is easier to keep track of, and what fun is it to bleed red?
Everyone does that.

In Pittsburgh, you sit in traffic on the parkway north/west and the parkway east or you go 35 mph on back roads.
In Columbus, you can take 270 around, 71 up or down, 70 across, or 315 through each at 65mph (or faster).
Winner: Columbus. Who wants to sit in traffic hoping that parts of bridges don't fall through the windshield of your car?

In Pittsburgh, you can go to the South Side or to the Strip.
In Columbus, you can go to High St. or... well I don't know of another cool place.
Winner: Pittsburgh. The South Side just rocks.

In Pittsburgh, there is a cool accent/dialect with words such as yinz, up 'er, redd up, keller, sammich, filled(field), fahr, etc.
In Columbus, there are places named after weird indianish names such as bucyrus, olentangy, scioto, pataskala, kinnikinnick.
Winner: Pittsburgh. Ok, so I left out Monongahela and Youghiogheny, I'm a native Pittsburgher! Old and Tangy? what? Scioto? I can't get used to these.

In Pittsburgh, there are steep hills.
In Columbus, it is flat.
Winner: Tie. As much as I hate to admit it, it's easier to drive in the flat, but I am still afraid of Tornadoes striking.

You can never go home again, and that is why I probably won't ever live in Pittsburgh again. But, it will always be my home and the place that I compare everywhere else to. No matter what it's shortcomings are, I will always love the city.


Chris Griswold said...

My fiancee may move to Colombus for vet school.

We visited, and I don't think I can live there. There didn't seem to be any theatre. Or much else really.

Correct me, please.

Joann said...

I know for a fact that the vet school is good. The culture is interesting. I think most of it comes from campus area. I have only lived here for around 6 months so I guess I should judge just yet.

Sharon said...

did you go to the "dennis camp" school of grammer/spelling... lmao