Thursday, May 18, 2006

Look out Pat! Tsunami!

Have you heard the latest prediction? This is a doozy people. Pat Robertson, in all his 700 club glory, now gets his information directly from God. God has informed Pat that there will be a great tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean just as big as the one in the South Pacific/Indian Ocean area. The United States will suffer.

Did he fall asleep with his scotch and the Discovery channel again?

Yes, there is a possibility of a tsunami in the Atlantic, but I watched that show, and they said that it was not very likely. I guess that if you're getting your information straight from the man upstairs, it must be true. Attention coastal dwellers: Pack up your shit and move to Christian-town because that is the only true way to be "saved." From the tsunami of course.Upon further investigation of Mr. Robertson, I learned that he resides in Virginia Beach, VA and so therefore he's in the danger zone. I guess God has decided that the tsunami is not Pat's call back home. I guess he should spread his "goodness" here on earth a little longer.


N.P. said...

no, the solution is to move away from the coasts away from fault lines in a place with mountains where tornados can't get you.

Joann said...

I have no idea why those quote marks and space are at the bottom. Pardon my formatting ignorance.