Thursday, May 11, 2006

Holy Freakin LOST! Batman! The show is finally starting to get back to making you wonder, wtf? at the end of an episode. I think it is REALLY cool how they are doing "The Lost Experience" game thing. They even put a Hanso Foundation commercial on during the bird flu movie. That was freaky, btw, all you skeptics think it can't definitely can. Back to Lost though, wow, it's always exciting when they find a new hatch. There are some clues that I found on the Lost experience thing that are leading me to form some new theories, but I don't want to spoil it for you. Suffice to say, I think there definitely is a disease that they haven't quite encountered yet on the island. I think there is one more episode before the season finale. I saw in the preview that Michael was telling Sayid to stay, when everyone else was going to battle with the Others, that is very interesting. Michael is leading them into some kinda trap, they better watch out for him. His face at the end of the show last night was so scary. Awesome acting.

I have to go out shopping tonight to find Shawn a birthday present. Ugh. He is such a hard person to shop for, everything he wants is too expensive for my budget. Hopefully, I can find him something without strangling anyone at the mall. I hate going to the malls here. Everyone looks like a picture out of a fashion magazine, and they're all drinking their latte's, driving their SUV's so I can't see my car in between. I feel like I should be wearing a flannel shirt, carring a shot gun, with 10 kids yellin at all of em at the same time, Ya'll git outta dat store, right now, ya'll hear me? Unrefined, is the proper term I think. I'm thinking of getting my hair cut but I am so not even sure how to get it cut. Everytime I do, it always ends up looking exactly the same as it did before, only shorter. We'll see what happens!

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