Thursday, May 25, 2006

I find myself LOST! at the bowling alley.

I used to think bowling was a game people played when bored and wanted to go have fun. Maybe drink a few beers, smoke a few cigarettes, end up having a good night out with friends.

I was wrong.

Sure, when I was younger my dad used to watch bowling on TV, and my mother and I thought it was the most ridiculous thing in the world. It seemed to me that everyone always knocked down all the pins and so what the heck were they competing for, and why the heck would you want to watch it.

Then it happened...I met a guy who bowls. I mean bowling as in a sport, bowling as in a competitive game in which winning, scoring, and ball shape and size matter.

I now know more about bowling than I ever thought I would, and well, now I still think some things are ridiculous, but I've come to a sort of appriciation for the activity. Not everyone always scores a 300, and shooting the ball straight down the middle of the lane is not the talent of bowling. You have to get your ball to "hook" so it goes between pins on the side to knock all of em down, and get a strike. It's quite complicated actually.

Last night, I went to watch Shawn bowl in a league that he was sub-ing (substitute bowler) in. There was one girl there bowling in the league and she was so totally obnoxious. She was not that young, but acting like she was and taking advantage of all of the guys, with the "I'm the only girl here so I'm the center of attention, pay attention to me and want me" kinda attitude. Blech. Then, the reason that Shawn was bowling, was the guy he was bowling for said that he's been having bad stread and wanted to take a few weeks off. He was THERE anyways. Why on earth would you get a sub and then come anyways? It makes absolutely no sense to me what-so-ever. If you want some weeks off, TAKE THEM OFF. Sheesh. This all led to a "discussion" between us, but we ended up resolving under the common ground that LOST! was on, and it takes two heads to figure that shit out sometimes.

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