Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I am officially MySpace addicted. I'm sure not as much as some of the tweens of today, as I don't post glittery graphics and the like, but I still usually visit the site daily. There are two causes for this, one is that I have a generous amount of time in the day to spend online, and two, I don't have any friends.

I'll be the first to admit that having no friends is my fault, but at any rate, looking at the profiles of old friends fills some deep need of sociality. Is that a word? Oh well it fits my purpose. Onward!

So here I am searching around on my space, looking at people I went to high school with, siblings of people I went to high school with and it leads me to draw some conclusions.

1. I am getting older.
2. Some people never change.
3. Everyone else I graduated with is getting older also. Heh.
4. Not everyone stays friends with the people that they were friends w/ in high school. Even in the small town that I am from.

I know that last one may sound silly to you. Where I grew up, almost no one leaves, and friends' kids end up being friends and so on. My parents went to the same high school I did. My mom and dad were both friends with a few of the same people that they went to school with. My mom was friends with her best friend from 1st grade. I just grew up expecting that I'd follow the same path. That I'd meet someone from at least close to the area and our kids would go to my high school. I never imagined myself being anywhere but there. My school district was made up of 4 borough's. There were 3 elementary schools, with the kids from the 4th borough split between the other 3 schools. Growing up, we only knew those kids in our school, they lived close, and so there is where our friendships began. I was friends with about 4 or 5 other girls from my elementary school. The districts' junior and senior high school is combined so when we all started 7th grade, we were all thrown together. Of course, we all intermingled and became friends with each other, but when it came down to it, the 3 main groups of friends still existed. My stupid friends even came up with names for the cliques. I still feel like I can't divulge the names to you, 7 years later. I'm sure you're wondering where this long boring story leads to...well the thing is...the group of friends from one of the boroughs, they still hang out. It's amazing to me, because barely any of my original group would even dare speak to each other if we knew where the others were at. My elementary school got knocked down and the founding relationships of my childhood lie with the rubble in some unknown location.

It's just odd to me the way things turned out. Never as you expect it, I guess. It will be interesting to see what happens at the reunion in a few years.

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