Monday, May 15, 2006

We'll call him Lion.

Ugh. I was searching for some witty comparison type blog for today about Pittsburgh and Columbus, but alas I've given up. You can't even compare the two. There is so much more information about Pittsburgh than there is Columbus, I can't even find really any points to compare. Population and such, but I can't come up with any witty comments about the population. Cut me a break. I was also searching for some interesting, fairly recently updated Columbus blogs to link over there and to become daily reads for me. I can't find any. If you are a Columbus blogger and you have a blog that you want linked, let me know!
I've been so unmotivated lately. I don't want to study, I don't want to go to work I don't want to cook or clean, all I want to do is sleep and well...sleep. It's not even that I'm unhappy with anything, I'm just so exhausted. It kinda sucks. Hopefully, I can get through the midterm/paper period with out digging myself into a hole for the finals. The Dave Matthews concert is the day after finals though, so maybe I'll just crank up some Lover Lay Down and get out of my studying funk. My goal for today was to read my 1.5 chapters of history for tonights class, study for economics for at least 2 hours, and re-read the portions of text in history that are sources for the upcoming paper. Here is what I actually did: Read about .75 chapters of history, marked the pages for the paper, no economics. I did learn the procedure for doing ELISA's though, so I guess the day at work was not a total wash. I guess there's always tonight and tomorrow. I still have to finish playing Rainy Day Spider Solitaire though. In case I lost you, yes I am a huge dork and like to play dumb games on It passes the time and gives you an excuse to procrastinate, and who does not like a game called rainy day spider solitaire, I mean really! Say it. Go ahead, it's fun.
I went to the Cincinnati zoo, and my mother (who is an aspiring photographer) took the picture of the beautiful white lion. I could stare at him all day. Oh wait, I have been...he's on my desktop.

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