Friday, May 12, 2006

Old Man Shawn, Happy 27th!

Today is Shawn's birthday. He's taking the day off, so I had to wake up by myself and get ready for work. When I came upstairs to take a shower, he was awake and said, "I feel old." He's always telling me how I'm saying things that insinuate that I am old and what am I going to do when I turn 40 or even 60. Who's calling the kettle black now? We don't really think we're old, we're just going through that period of life where we're like finally grown up. Everyone is getting married and having babies and we are not, so I think that pings a little switch somewhere in the back of our brains. It's time. Though, it's not time for us...yet.

I was reading some of my posts, and my grammar is bad. Seriously. I might have to have Jen start proofing some of my blogs (don't worry Jen I'll pay ya per word...maybe like a penny). Just kidding, but it might be annoying to some of you, so I'll try and construct sentences rather than just type in speak.

I was reading an article today about a study that was done on heterosexual and homosexual people. They did brain scans of the people while they were sniffing male and female pheromone mixtures, as well as, regular scents. The study found that the lesbian brain's reacted more like a heterosexual male, and the homosexual male's brains reacted more like that of a heterosexual female. I'm not sure how extensive this particular study was, but I think this is very interesting data to prove that some people are born gay. I'd be interested to see the results of a bisexual's brain under the same circumstances. I also think it would be interesting to locate the mechanism that causes people to think they were born in the wrong sex. It's too bad I'm not a psychologist.

I'm leaving work early today so I only have around 2 hours to go! YAY! I'm going to pick up a DQ ice cream cake for the birthday celebration. I have not had ice cream in a whole week. Damn, I thought I'd be able to hold out longer.


Shawn said...

My bones are so brittle, my leg just broke while sitting here!!!

Jen said...

Old Man Shawn is only 361 days older than me, and I feel old, too. I rememeber crying like a baby on my 24th birthday because that was my "number". I was supposed to have babies and be married already. Now, going on 26, having friends who are married, have babies, careers, MASTER's degrees... well, I'm so far behind where I thought I'd be... but I'm getting there. You know, except for the baby and the husband thing. I know what you mean, though, the swtich in your brain that says 'get married, have babies, tick tick tick'. Don't worry, Joann, me and Shawn will always be older than you!